Awards Profile

The Awards Profile is each student’s best opportunity to make themselves eligible for a wide range of awards with a single application, including awards for Black students, Indigenous students, Convention refugees, service members, the economically disadvantaged, and more. We strongly encourage applicants to comprehensively self-identify when completing their Awards Profiles. Self-identification is voluntary and kept confidential. 

The Awards Profile makes it possible for U of T applicants to be considered for admission awards based on financial need, academic merit, leadership, and other criteria.

If you are Canadian citizen, permanent resident of Canada, or protected person (convention refugee), you may be eligible to submit an Awards Profile.  Access to the Awards Profile is granted to eligible candidates upon submission of an admission application to U of T. You will be able to access it via your JOIN U of T admission portal.

Some faculties and colleges also have their own profiles, so be sure to check your faculty and/or college website and complete any separate form that they may require.