Canadians Abroad

Students from around the world call the University of Toronto home—including many Canadians who lived outside of Canada before beginning their studies at U of T. Canadians living abroad may have some different considerations:


Admission requirements are based on your academic background (the curriculum you are completing/have completed). Find admission requirements for all high school curricula.


All Canadian citizens, Canadian permanent residents, and protected persons are eligible for domestic tuition fees. There is no requirement to establish residency in Canada or Ontario, however, a non-Ontario Resident Tuition Fee may apply. Find more information on Undergraduate Domestic Non-Ontario Resident Tuition Fee Billing Exemption.

In addition, dependents of Canadian citizens, Canadian permanent residents, and protected persons are eligible for an exemption from international tuition fees. Find more information about International Fee Exemptions.

Financial Aid

If you are a Canadian citizen, Canadian permanent resident, or protected person, you can be considered for need-based government student loans and grants. Students apply for financial aid from their home province. For financial aid purposes, your home province is generally where you, or your parents, last lived for at least 12 months, without being in college or university.

  • If you previously lived in Canada, apply for financial aid in the province where you last lived.
  • If you never lived in Canada, but you have a Canadian parent, apply for financial aid in the province where your parent last lived.
  • If you recently obtained status in Canada, and haven’t lived in a Canadian province/territory for at least 12 months, OSAP will treat you as an Ontario resident for student loan purposes.

If you aren’t sure what province to apply to, contact University Admissions and Outreach for help.

View a comprehensive list of the Provincial/Territorial Loan programs and their eligibility requirements.


All applicants to the University of Toronto are automatically considered for merit-based scholarships as a part of the admissions process. The majority of our scholarship funding is awarded through these automatic scholarships. At this time there are no admission scholarships that require applications for Canadians abroad. Find more information about our scholarships.

Required Documents

Aren’t sure if you or your dependent is a Canadian citizen? Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada offers a citizenship guide, as well as an “Am I a Canadian Citizen?” tool.

New students will need to provide proof of their legal status in Canada in order to begin their studies. Find more details about the required documentation.

Health Insurance

Domestic students returning to Canada are required to apply for OHIP upon arriving in Ontario. OHIP is Ontario’s provincial healthcare plan and covers the costs of medical services and emergencies in Ontario. You must apply in person at a specialized Service Ontario Centre that offers a full suite of health card services. You will need to complete the OHIP registration form and provide three original documents.

As of March 19, 2020, there is no longer a waiting period for OHIP coverage. If you are self-isolating and cannot go to Service Ontario to apply for OHIP, or if you need to seek medical treatment, please contact Service Ontario at 1-866-532-3161.

Find more information about health insurance.