University Fees

How Much Will University Cost?

The amount of tuition you pay will depend on factors such as your program and year of study, your course load and your campus. While the exact tuition fees for each academic year are typically finalized in the spring, you can take a look at the previous year’s amounts in your area of study to get an idea of how much you’ll pay in tuition. Remember that in addition to tuition, your total fees will include incidental and ancillary fees.

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Final tuition, fee schedules, and payment information are posted on the Student Accounts website.

Incidental and Ancillary Fees

Non-Academic Incidental Fees (or Incidental Fees) contribute to things like student societies, campus-based services, athletics and recreation facilities, and student health and dental plans. Many of these fees are compulsory, but you will have the option of opting out of a small proportion of them.

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Ancillary fees cover things like field-trip costs, or special equipment provided for coursework, as well as administrative costs such as transcript fees or library fines.

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Other Costs of University

There are a number of other costs to factor into your budget – for example, the cost of books, educational supplies, food, and residence. Find more about other costs of attending university.

To get a better idea of how much money you will need to cover tuition and fees, housing costs, food and everything else for the upcoming academic year, use our financial planning calculator to budget your costs.

Find out more about registration steps and deadlines, including instructions on paying your fees and requesting a tuition fee deferral.