Student Awards

Student awards (scholarships and grants) are non-repayable monetary awards issued based on criteria such as merit, financial need, community engagement, leadership and athletic performance. University of Toronto offers thousands of student awards worth more than $106 million annually. Student awards may be based on merit (e.g., scholarships), financial-need (e.g., grants) or a combination of both.

The University, its colleges, faculties and divisions award over 5,000 admission awards that total nearly $25 million and nearly 5,800 in-course awards each year. University has comprehensive award programs that recognizes diverse achievements and responds to student’s need at different levels of study.

Admission Awards

Admission awards are for newly admitted students entering the University of Toronto in year one of their undergraduate studies. Students are automatically considered for a variety of admission awards when they apply to the University. There are also admission awards that require students to complete a separate application or awards profile.

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In-Course and Graduating Awards

In-course awards are open to current U of T students while graduating awards are awarded to graduating students who are in the final year of their degree. These awards are issued based on academic merit and/or financial need.

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COVID-19 Emergency Undergraduate Grant

The Emergency Undergraduate Grant is intended to assist undergraduate domestic and international students impacted by COVID-19 and who need immediate short-term financial relief because of unexpected expenses.

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Award Explorer

We are pleased to announce the launch of the Public Repository as part of Award Explorer! The Award Explorer is the University of Toronto’s new awards system – a centralized, searchable database of thousands of awards from admissions to in-course and graduating awards. It supplements existing resources and aims to make it easier for you to explore awards at U of T.

Launch the tool to explore awards at U of T. This tool can help you explore the diverse funding opportunities available to students who are making a difference. Most of our scholarships are awarded to multiple recipients. You can apply for as many awards as you like, and most awards can be combined with each other. You can also view awards for Indigenous, Black or International Students. For example, you can search for awards for Indigenous Students by selecting “Indigenous Students” under the filter for Nature of Award.

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