Mature Students

The University of Toronto considers applicants based on their academic background, regardless of their age. If you do not meet the published admission requirements for your target academic program, and if you have not previously attempted university-level studies, you may become eligible for admission to some academic programs through either an Academic Bridging Program or the Transitional Year Program.

Academic Bridging Programs 

The Academic Bridging Program offered through Woodsworth College on the St. George campus, as well as the Bridging Pathway offered at U of T Mississauga, provide mature students who do not meet U of T admission requirements with the opportunity to qualify for degree studies in the humanities and social sciences on any of the three campuses. These programs are available to Canadian Citizens, Permanent Residents or Protected Persons (Convention Refugees).

For more information, including applications and deadlines, contact Academic Bridging Program, Woodsworth College or the U of T Mississauga Bridging Pathway. 

Transitional Year Program (TYP)

The Transitional Year Program is designed for Canadian Citizens, Permanent Residents, or Protected Persons who were unable to finish high school due to financial problems, family difficulties or other circumstances beyond their control. It is a full-time, eight-month program leading to admission into an arts or science degree program. For more information, including a program overview and general eligibility requirements, please see:

• TYP at U of T St. George

• TYP at U of T Scarborough