Mature Students


Our admission requirements are based on academic background, regardless of your age. To see if you meet our admission requirements, including prerequisite courses, please check the appropriate level of education and your program of interest.


All applicants, including those who have already completed high school, apply through the standard application routes. Full-time degree applicants who are not current Ontario high school students apply using the OUAC-105 Application; and applicants intending to study part-time will use the Part-Time Application.

University of Toronto degrees cannot be completed entirely through online studies. Courses at the University are offered at all times of the day, so it may not be possible to complete a degree only through evening and weekend classes.


If you are attending or have attended a recognized university or college, you will be considered for admission based on your post-secondary studies and your most recent annual average, although we will review your entire academic record. Program area prerequisites must be met at, or beyond, the minimum level required for admission from your educational system. You must submit all required documents by the published document deadline for your program(s) of interest. If you have studied at a recognized post-secondary institution beyond the minimum requirements, you may be eligible for transfer credits toward your degree. Transfer credits are assessed after admission.

Be sure to check whether your intended program considers applicants with your educational level. Certain programs, such as Rotman Commerce, do not consider applicants transferring from other post-secondary institutions.

Pathway Programs

If you do not meet the published admission requirements for your target academic program, and if you have not previously attempted university-level studies, you may become eligible for admission to some academic programs through our pathway programs. Find out more about University pathway programs.