Your Admission Decision

You’ve completed your application, including any required or supplementary documents. So what comes next? 

Receiving Your Admission Decision

You have received an email directing you to check the admission decision via your application on You can expect to hear from all of the University of Toronto faculties you selected during the application process. If you have not been admitted to your selected program(s), you may still be considered for alternate programs and campuses, space permitting. Admission decisions are released starting in February and continuing through to late May.

Admission Decisions That You Could Receive

You Were Admitted to U of T

Congratulations! Welcome to the U of T community. We recommend checking out our Next Steps in order to plan your start here at the University.

You Were Admitted But Received a Conditional Offer

Most of our admission decisions are based on interim marks, and so the majority of our offers are typically conditional on achieving acceptable final standing. Students are expected to maintain consistent academic standing for the duration of their high school (and post-secondary, if applicable) studies.

You Were Waitlisted

We are unable to admit all students who have good academic records, so our waitlist is an opportunity for eligible undergraduate applicants to be reconsidered for admission. Applicants on the waitlist will be assessed for admission for any available spaces in the program that they originally applied to, as well as related program areas at the university. Find out more about how we use the waitlist.

You Weren’t Admitted to U of T

The most common reasons for not being admitted to the University of Toronto:

  • your overall average, or grades in prerequisite subjects, are not competitive
  • you did not present a senior level/Grade 12 English course for admission consideration
  • you did not present a senior level/Grade 12 course in all prerequisite subjects required for the program(s) you applied to
  • you have repeated an unacceptable number of courses for the program(s) you have selected
  • you have an insufficient number of available courses at the time of consideration
  • you applied to a program that does not accept applicants with post-secondary studies
  • English language requirement (if applicable) was not met by the deadline
  • supplementary information (if required) was not submitted or was not competitive

We recommend reviewing your decision and your application (including your required documents) and invite you to submit again the following year.

Accepting an Offer of Admission

Welcome! We recommend keeping these pointers in mind when accepting your offer of admission:

  • Do it before the deadline! Don’t wait until the last minute to accept your offer.
  • We’ll let you know if and when there is a deposit needed.
  • Check the JOIN U of T applicant website for instructions on how to go about accepting your offer of admission.
  • Late responses may be allowed at the University’s discretion. If you have missed the deadline to respond to your offer, log in to the OUAC website to see if your offer is still available to be accepted online.

Deferring an Offer of Admission

If you are unable to begin your degree studies this fall, you may request a one-year deferral of your offer of admission. Deferrals are not guaranteed and will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Deferral requests that are approved will include deferral of eligible entrance scholarship(s) awarded – check the terms of your award for conditions and eligibility – and the residence guarantee, if applicable. Deferral applications will be available beginning in July. The cost to apply for deferral of an offer of admission is $90. Please note that offers to non-degree studies, the International Foundations Program, and Computer Science at the Faculty of Arts and Science, St. George campus are not eligible for deferral.

Your deferral request will be considered if you have:

  • accepted (responded Yes to) the offer of admission
  • paid the Admission Deposit (if required)
  • met all conditions of the offer of admission
  • confirmed that you do not plan to study at another post-secondary institution

September 15th is the deadline to submit a Request for Deferral of your offer of admission. The Deferral Request Form is available via the JOIN U of T applicant website, Offer of Admission page. If you miss the deferral deadline, you will have to reapply for admission in a future session. We suggest you submit your deferral request as soon as your official, final transcripts are available.

If you have registered for courses, you must drop or withdraw from all your courses as soon as possible.

Please contact the faculty or division directly for details on deferring offers of admission to: Applied Science and Engineering; Nursing; Bachelor of Information; Physician Assistant program; and Medical Radiation Sciences.

Review of Decisions

All admissions decisions are final. In extraordinary circumstances, a decision may be reviewed for procedural fairness and lawfulness.

In the case of first-entry undergraduate admissions, requests for review should be uploaded to the applicant portal within seven (7) calendar days of the date of issue of the admission decision. For other academic programs, please consult the relevant website or office.

Fraudulent Information or Documentation

You should be aware that when you submit your application you are required to certify that the personal information and documents submitted in the application, or to be submitted (all of which constitutes the application), are true, complete and correct in all respects. If evidence is found to the contrary your admission to the University may be rescinded, your registration may be revoked or you could be subject to additional academic penalties. Other universities may also be notified.

Residence Decisions

Don’t forget to check out your StarRez application to find out about residence decisions.