Equity & Support Services

Our equity offices guide students through any concerns that may arise during their experiences on and off campus—and include many service-focused departments, such as Health & Wellness, Accessibility Services, and Accommodated Testing Services, all of which can make referrals to partner offices and offer avenues for safe, confidential care and community. We share a mission to make certain that all constituencies are supported, empowered, and cared for. Learn more through any of our tri-campus teams.

Jeffrey wearing a suit and standing outside

“I came to this city not knowing a single person and I’ve been able to meet some of my best friends and build a community here. Take full advantage of all U of T and the City of Toronto have to offer, there is something for everyone and don’t be afraid to put yourself out there and experience it!”

— Jeffrey, recent alumnus from Rotman Commerce at U of T St. George

Equity Offices at U of T

Accessibility Services
MississaugaUTM Accessibility Services helps students handle disability-related academic difficulties by providing support, accommodations and learning strategies.
Equity, Diversity and Inclusion OfficeMississaugaThe UTM Equity & Diversity Office supports students, staff and faculty by
creating programs that promote inclusivity and an equitable campus environment, free from discrimination or harassment.
Indigenous Centre MississaugaThe Indigenous Centre at UTM helps Indigenous students, staff and faculty by working to provide an inclusive environment for them across the campus and among other members of the UTM community.
Equity, Diversity and Inclusion OfficeScarboroughThe EDIO works to increase community awareness of diversity and inclusivity on campus through programming, workshops and support of students, staff and faculty.
AccessAbility ServicesScarboroughAccessAbility Services at UTSC provides support services to students with disabilities and helps them access resources to facilitate their success at the university.
Anti-Racism and Cultural Diversity Office Supports Tri-Campus CommunityThe ARCDO helps educate the UofT community on equitable practices regarding race and identity, and creates spaces that are purposefully racially inclusive and diverse.
Sexual Violence Prevention & Support CentreSupports Tri-Campus CommunityThe SVPS Centre is a resource that supports students, staff and faculty who have been affected by sexual harrassment or violence, and overall works to create a campus free from sexual violence.
Sexual & Gender Diversity OfficeSupports Tri-Campus CommunityThe SGDO organizes programming that advocates for and educates on sexual and gender diversity at the university, and provides resources that create a supportive community for students, staff and faculty.
Accessibility ServicesSt. GeorgeUTSG Accessibility Services provides academic resources
for students with disabilities to facilitate success and support their problem-solving and learning.
Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act Office"Supports Tri-Campus CommunityThe AODA Office upholds the commitment of the AODA to make the UofT community as accessible as possible by providing informative resources for students, staff and faculty with disabilities, and facilitating accessibility training.
Multi-Faith CentreSt. GeorgeThe Multi-Faith Centre provides members of the UofT community with opportunities to engage in interfaith discussions and events, while learning from and supporting one another.
First Nations HouseSt. GeorgeThe First Nations House is a place where Indigenous students can access resources to support their personal, academic and professional growth, as well as participate in programming geared toward UofT's Indigenous community.
Family Care OfficeSupports Tri-Campus CommunityThe Family Care Office supports and advocates for students, staff and faculty that have family care needs, including childcare, eldercare and family leave assistance.
Community Safety OfficeSupports Tri-Campus CommunityThe Community Safety Office helps students, staff and faculty who have a personal safety concern by working with them through the process of addressing that concern, and connecting them to any further resources needed to ensure their safety on campus.

This list of offices specifically serves currently enrolled students. However, prospective students are free to peruse the pages to see the available services