Eligibility: Students who have been nominated by their schools as National Book Award recipients may submit applications to the National Scholarship Program. In addition, students who identify themselves as meeting the scholarship criteria are invited to apply directly for the National Scholarship, without having been nominated for the Book Award.

Eligibility Criteria:

Award Type: Admission

Action: Application Required

Availability: Domestic Students

Level of Study: Undergraduate

Deadline to Apply: 22-Oct-20

Value/Amount: The National Scholarship covers tuition, incidental and residence fees for up to four years of study. Finalists not designated as National Scholars receive Arbor Scholarships at a value of $7,500 in the first year and $1,500 per year for three additional years of undergraduate study. The scholarship is tenable only at the University of Toronto.

Best Link: http://future.utoronto.ca/national-scholarship/

Academic Year: 2021-22

How to Apply: The National Scholarship application is now open for the 2021-2022 admission cycle.  To access the link to the online application form, please visit http://future.utoronto.ca/national-scholarship/.    

How/When Is It Paid: Payment of the award is conditional on full-time registration in September in a first-entry undergraduate program at the University of Toronto.