Eligibility: A U.S. or Canadian citizen, permanent resident or other legal standing that allows them to work and study in the U.S or Canada; Accepted into a U.S. or Canada college or university; and Enrolled in a U.S. or Canadian undergraduate program, or entering school for the first time during fall 2018 semester.

Award Type: Current students

Action: Application Required

Availability: Domestic Students

Level of Study: Open

Deadline to Apply: 25-Sep-18

Actual Deadline Date: 25-Sep-18

Value/Amount: $1,000

Best Link: https://edkentmedia.com/scholarship

Academic Year: 2019-2065

How to Apply: The following documentation must be submitted to be considered for the scholarship: (a) Application form (b) A small writing project (c) Copy of transcript

How/When Is It Paid: Results will be announced in October 2018