Eligibility: Pathways to Education is invited to identify potential candidates for this award on the basis of the award criteria. Candidates will be considered by the Pathways to Education Regent Park selection committee prior the final selection by The Beland Honderich Award University of Toronto committee. Four nominees each year will be selected as winners of the Beland Honderich Award.  Selected recipients will include:

Nominators will attempt to identify students with high academic potential who suffer social and economic hardship, and risk not reaching university due to insufficient support in their family environment. The recipients will be chosen on the basis of the extent to which they meet the above criteria. In order to receive the awards, the recipients will normally be required to enroll in any undergraduate program at the University of Toronto. Renewal of the award at University of Toronto is conditional upon satisfactory academic progress in the course of studies

Award Type: Admission

Action: Application Required

Availability: Domestic Students

Level of Study: Undergraduate

Value/Amount: $5000 per year for four years of university study, conditional upon satisfactory academic progress.

How to Apply: Candidates apply through Pathways to Education