Work Study Program

Work Study provides students with the opportunity to develop their knowledge, skills and experience through paid work on campus.

Additional information about Work Study opportunities is available on the Career Exploration and Education website


Work Study is open to domestic undergraduate and graduate degree students studying on a full time or part time basis (i.e., registered in at least 2.0 credits) and International undergraduate and graduate students studying on a full time basis, continuously from September 2018 to April 2019. International students studying on a part time basis are NOT eligible to work on Campus – please see the Government of Canada website for rules and regulations.

(1)  Students registered in Toronto School of Theology, Study Elsewhere, Study Abroad, Co-op and the School of Continuing Studies programs are NOT eligible for Work Study positions.
(2)  Students do not need to be OSAP eligible to apply for Work Study.
(3) A student may be hired for only one Work-Study position.
(4) Non Degree students are NOT eligble for Work Study positions.

Work Study Program Dates

2019 Summer Work Study will run from the first day of classes until August 9, 2019.

Hours and Rate of Pay

Work Study students are permitted to work a maximum of 15 hours per week and a maximum 100 hours total for the Summer Work Study Session.

Work Study students are paid minimum wage, currently $14.00 per hour plus 4% vacation pay. 

Work Study students are paid bi-weekly unless previously or concurrently employed by the University in a monthly paid position whereby they will remain on a monthly payroll schedule.

Summer Bi-weekly Payroll package  UTSC and UTM students use links below.
Summer Monthly Payroll package  (Note: Only students who have previously set up as monthly paid should use the monthly time-sheet).  UTSC and UTM students use link below.

– UTSC payroll forms:
– UTM payroll forms:

International Students  – to be paid, you must have a Social Insurance Number. If you do not already have one you must apply for one through Service Canada. To do so you must present an employment letter and a completed Employment Contract signed by your employer.

All Work Study hours must be documented on a time-sheet and students and employers must complete and sign the time-sheets before submitting the forms to the payroll officer.

How to Apply

Fall/Winter Work Study jobs will be posted on the Career Exploration and Education website and students will be able to view and apply for positions between April 8-May 17.

Students who are hired into Work Study positions must complete a Work Study Hiring Form. This form is available from the employer, or from the link below. Students are permitted to accept ONE Work Study position per program session.

Hiring Form Deadline

Completed Work Study Hiring Forms must be submitted to Enrolment Services no later than June 7, 2019.  Students, their employers and the hiring unit’s business officer must complete the Hiring Form.  The business officer must submit the completed form to Enrolment Services before the deadline.

Hiring Forms received by Enrolment Services AFTER June 7, 2019 will NOT be accepted.