OSAP/Government Student Aid Tuition Fee Deferral

To qualify for an OSAP/Government Student Aid Fee Deferral, a student must:

  1. Apply for OSAP (or other Canadian government-funded student aid program); and,
  2. Be receiving, or expect to receive, funding greater than $0.

Students who do not have proof that they will be receiving funding (e.g., a funding estimate or Notice of Assessment) are not eligible for an OSAP/Government Student Aid tuition fee deferral.

Online Fee Deferrals

Students are strongly encouraged to use the online OSAP/Government Student Aid Fee Deferral tool available through ROSI. Normally the OSAP tuition fee program for the Fall is activated for student access in July when the fees invoices are available.

Students should:

  1. Log in to ACORN
  2. Go to the “Fee Deferral” menu item on the left-hand menu
  3. Click the button to request a fee deferral.

Students will know immediately if their deferral request is successful.

Full-Time OSAP Applicants:

Submit your online OSAP application. Ensure that you have included your U of T student number. Wait at least 3 business days before requesting your deferral.

Out of Province Student Loan Recipients:

Out of province students must submit a copy of their provincial Notice of Assessment to Enrolment Services using the new Out of Province Request Portal so that their online fee deferral access can be activated. It takes up to three (3) business days to upload the Notice of Assessment information into ACORN. Once completed, students can use the online ACORN fee deferral button to defer fees.

U.S. Direct Loan Recipients

Ensure that you’ve completed all steps to apply for your funding before you attempt to access the online deferral.

Part-time OSAP or Noah Meltz recipients

Submit your completed Noah Meltz application and/or your Part-Time OSAP application online and wait approximately 3 business days, then request an online fee deferral through ACORN.

Manual Fee Deferrals

Students who are unable to access the OSAP/Government Student Aid Tuition Fee Deferral tool must contact their college or faculty to request a manual fee deferral. Enrolment Services does not process manual fee deferrals.

In order for a college or faculty to process a manual fee deferral request, the student must provide proof that they will be receiving student aid funding greater than $0.

OSAP applicants can provide proof by:

  1. Logging into their OSAP account on the OSAP website
  2. Clicking “My Apps”
  3. Clicking “View Estimate” or “View Funding”

Students from other provinces and territories must provide a copy of their Notice of Assessment (paper or electronic) to prove funding.