Financial Counselling Directory

Financial counselling is available through your Faculty, College, Division or Enrolment Services. Counsellors can help you navigate the array of government and University of Toronto programs, scholarships and bursaries available to you. They can also help with budget planning and debt management.

Make an appointment with a financial counsellor to figure out your finances.

Division, Faculty & College Contacts:

Enrolment Services:

Address: 172 St. George Street
Toronto, Ontario
M5R 0A3
Telephone: (416) 978-2190

Online Financial Planning Tool

U of T offers an online tool that anyone can use to get an idea of what it costs to study at U of T and plan your budget for the year. Check out the Financial Planning Calculator.

Undergraduate Grants

If you have exhausted your resources and the available government funding and still have financial need, you can apply for additional grant funding through your undergraduate college or faculty. Check with your college or faculty for information on U of T grants.

Parents of Students

Please review our Student Financial Planning and Support: A Guide for Parents.