Safety & Support

The University of Toronto strives to maintain an environment free from discrimination and harassment, and a safe space for students. You’ll find many activities, programs and supports at the University that can help you — whether you feel uncomfortable walking alone at night and would like a Walksafer escort, are interested in a self-defence course, need personal counselling or require crisis support.

Safety Programs and Services

Find out which programs and services are available to help you stay safe on campus – from our Walksafer escort and self-defence programs to personal and assault counselling services.

Sexual Assault Help

Learn about on-campus and community resources available if you need help related to sexual assault, domestic violence, or another personal safety concern. Find out how to reach campus police, treatment centres and other crisis services.

Academic Support

Your Registrar is your first stop for academic advice and referral.

Student Services and Support

Find out about support services available to students – from academic skills support to accessibility and health and wellness services.