The Registrar’s Office is your first stop for academic, financial aid or personal advising. You should drop-in, email, call or visit your Registrar’s Office for:

  • Academic advice and referral — help in formulating and/or adjusting your short- or long-term educational goals, including course selection and interpreting degree requirements, understanding university regulations, grading and exam practices, petitions, academic skills
  • Personal advice and referral — assistance with any matter that is getting in the way of your success as a student including illness, family emergency
  • Financial advice and referral — help with financial planning, budgeting and overcoming financial emergencies
  • Important Dates and Deadlines 

University Registrar’s Office

The University Registrar’s Office supports tri-campus registrarial functions to enhance the student experience, and includes student financial aid and awards, student accounts, client services, transcripts and student systems. Learn more about the University Registrar’s Office.

Faculty, College, and Campus Registrarial Services

As a University of Toronto student, the Registrar’s Office at your faculty, college, or campus is your primary place for academic, financial aid or personal advising.