Online Learning

The University of Toronto offers students diverse learning options — one of these options is online learning. Several undergraduate courses are now also being offered online. It doesn’t matter which U of T campus you study at, these online courses are open to all students from our three campuses. Some space in each course will be specifically reserved for students from each campus.

U of T students register for these courses the same way they do for all other courses at U of T, through the ACORN/ROSI system. Students should consult their own Academic Calendars for regulations regarding taking courses on one of the other campuses. Students from other universities interested in taking a U of T online course can applying as a visiting student to the division that is offering the online course.

Application Information

Visiting Students

Visiting Students from recognized universities located in North America may be admitted to the University of Toronto on the basis of a Letter of Permission issued from their home university. The purpose of enrolling in courses as a Visiting Student is to transfer credits back to an undergraduate degree program at your home institution.

Applications are made directly to the University of Toronto division that is offering the online course. Please follow the links below to review Visiting Student application information for academic divisions providing undergraduate online courses:

Non-Degree Students

If you wish to upgrade your university record to qualify for graduate school, a professional program, or for personal interest, you may apply as a Non-degree Student. Non-degree students enroll in degree credit courses, for which they have the prerequisites, but are not proceeding towards a degree. For more information please visit the following website:

Engineering – Special Students

Special Students are those taking courses offered by the Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering (FASE), but are not working towards an undergraduate degree within the Faculty. Often these are also “visiting students,” who have received a letter of permission from their home university and are working towards a degree at that institution. For more information please visit the following website:

University of Toronto Students

Current University of Toronto students register for undergraduate online courses the same way they do for all other courses, through the ACORN/ROSI system. Students should consult the Academic Calendar for their program requirements with regard to eligibility of courses from other divisions.

Re-Registration After an Absence

If you have previously registered at the University of Toronto and wish to return after a period of 12 months or more, contact your registrar’s office to inquire about re-activating your student status. If you are eligible for re-registration, you will need to complete a request form.

FAQ about Off-Site Exam Proctoring

Who is eligible to write a final exam for an online course at an off-site exam centre?

In order to be eligible, students must reside more than 125 km from the campus during the term in which the course was offered.

I am taking some courses online and some on campus this term. Can I make arrangements to write the exam for my online course at another location as it is more convenient for me?

Students who are taking other degree program courses that are not online in the same term are considered to be available to write an exam “on campus” and are not eligible.

When do I need to make these arrangements?

You are required to submit your request form to your registrar’s office no later than twelve (12) business days after the first day of the term.

How is the outside exam centre location determined?

The application form will ask you to propose an exam centre near to your place of residence and to provide a contact name and email. Your proposed location will be reviewed and confirmed by the registrar. If arrangements with the proposed exam centre are not possible for any reason, another centre may be identified by the registrar. A list of suggested exam centres is available here.

Are there any fees associated with online course exam proctoring?

Students are responsible for any fees payable to the external exam centre providing the invigilation service. Exam invigilation fees per exam can range from $60 to $200 depending on the costs of the host institutions. Please keep in mind fees can range higher than the average noted. Fees are determined by the host institution, and students are required to pay these fees directly to the host institution. Additional costs payable to UofT may include courier of the exam questions/documents to and from the off-site invigilator.

When will the exam be scheduled?

The exam will be scheduled for proctoring at the external exam centre at the same time as it is being written on campus, with adjustments to take into account time zone variance. Normally this will occur during the end of term exam period).

I am taking an online course offered by another division. Who do I contact to request an off-site exam?

Contact your home faculty registrar with your request. (ie Faculty of Arts and Science, UTM, UTSC, Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering)