Visiting Students

Are you an undergraduate student at another university who’s interested in taking a particular course at the University of Toronto? If you have permission from your home university, you may be able to enrol at U of T as a visiting student. The purpose of enrolling in courses as a Visiting Student is to transfer credits back to an undergraduate degree program at your home institution.

Applications are made directly to the University of Toronto division that is offering the course (whether it’s online or in-person). Find the course offerings, as well as instructions on how to enrol, at each of our faculties and campuses below:

Arts & Science Program Areas

Professional Program Areas

Engineering – Special Students

“Special Students” are those taking courses offered by the Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering, but are not working towards an undergraduate degree within the Faculty. Often these are also visiting students, who have received a letter of permission from their home university and are working towards a degree at that institution. Learn more about Special Students (Non-Degree) in the Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering.