How and When to Pay Fees

As a student, you’ll need to pay your fees ahead of your Faculty’s registration deadline. You may have the option of deferring your fee payment if you’ll be receiving government financial aid or other financial assistance. Or, you can arrange to make partial payments, although this will involve a service charge.  If you’re living in residence and/or use a meal plan, you’ll need to pay for these over two installments, or arrange for partial payments with a service charge. Residence and meal-plan payments cannot be deferred.


When: Registration Deadlines

Your registration deadline will vary depending on your Faculty or program. You will need to pay your tuition, incidental and ancillary fees by that date, or arrange for a payment deferral if you’ll be receiving OSAP or other government financial aid. Be sure to plan enough time for your bank to transfer the funds to the University, as this can sometimes take between three to five business days, and even longer for international payments.

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How: Invoices, Payments and Deferrals

Your invoices for fees, residence and meal plans are available online through ACORN, an online information service for students. Once you’ve verified your registration deadline and accessed your invoice, you can make a full payment, arrange for partial payments, or request a fee deferral.

Payments must be made through your financial institution, via a bank machine, teller, online or by telephone.  No payments are accepted on campus. Also note that credit-card payments are not accepted.

If you’ll be making a payment from outside Canada, you can use Western Union’s GlobalPay or send a bank draft or money order in Canadian funds to the University of Toronto. Be sure to allow enough time for the transfer of funds to be processed.

If you’ve qualified for OSAP or other financial aid, you can apply to defer your fee payment online, to allow time for your financing to be transferred over.

Residence and meal-plan fees are paid over two installments during the academic year. While these may not be deferred, it’s possible to arrange for partial payments, along with service charges.

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