Enhanced Learning Opportunities

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Research Opportunity Program

Undergraduate students can work on cutting-edge research, gain practical skills and knowledge, and earn 1.0 full course credit.

Experiential Learning at UTM

Discover a variety of options to develop your career, whether it is through an internship, practicum placement or community service. Students at UTM apply their studies in professional settings, gaining valuable experience, presentation skills and industry contacts.


International Research Opportunities Program

It gives you the opportunity to combine laboratory research experience with travel abroad.

Enhanced Learning Opportunities - Current Students - St. George Tab

Professional Experience Year Co-op Program

Open to U of T students in engineeringcommerce and computer science programs, the Professional Experience Year Co-op Program (PEY Co-op) is your opportunity to work full time for an employer of your choosing for 12 to 16 consecutive months after third year. You’ll also have the option to work for an additional four months after second year, giving you up to 20 months of professional experience before graduation. To help you prepare for professional success, you’ll complete a variety of career development modules, from acing the interview to transitioning to industry. Whether you see yourself contributing to a small team at a fast-paced local startup or gaining international experience with a large multinational company abroad, you’ll have unparalleled access to 1,500+ positions across every industry through PEY Co-op.

Research Opportunity Program

Undergraduate students can become involved in original research through the Research Opportunity Program. You will earn course credit towards your degree and program requirements, and gain hands-on research experience.

Summer Abroad programs (Faculty of Arts & Science, St. George Campus)

Study the history of Hong Kong – in Hong Kong. Delve into field archeology in Peru, the history of cinematography in Berlin or French language in France. The Faculty of Arts & Science’s Summer Abroad programs bring learning into action by travelling to a relevant location. Students complete a full-year credit course, while immersing themselves in the language, history, culture and politics of the host country. The locations themselves become your “living textbook.”

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U of T Scarborough Co-op Programs

As a UTSC student, you have access to over 50 co-op programs in the arts, science and management disciplines. Learn directly from industry professionals and make strong connections between academic studies and workplace experience. You could be one of the 1,500 co-op students hired locally or internationally every year, for organizations as diverse as Microsoft, Ernst & Young LLP, the Art Gallery of Ontario, hospitals or government ministries.

With a co-op placement through the acclaimed International Development Studies program, you could work with international development non-profit organizations such as OXFAM or UNICEF in countries like Bolivia, China or Ethiopia. Or you may pursue international work experience through UTSC’s Management and International Business Co-op – by immersing yourself in merger and acquisition strategy at Deloitte Shanghai, or working as a marketing analyst for Hong Kong’s first wireless commercial television station. UTSC’s thriving Arts and Science Co-op programs offer placements in over 40 disciplines.