Evald Torokvei Foundation Scholarship

Eligibility (Basic Eligibility): 

Graduate research in chemicals and plastics, excellent academic standing, community/university involvement, financial need

Award type: 
Scholarship for Current Students
Application Required
Level of Study: 
Description of Award: 

The scholarship is intended for graduate students engaged in research in chemicals and plastics, on the basis of academic standing, community and university involvement, as well as financial need.

Academic Year: 
Full Eligibility Requirements: 

Recipient must:

  • be a graduate student engaged in research in chemicals and plastics
  • show strong academic standing
  • demonstrate community and university involvement
  • have financial need
How to Apply: 

A letter of application must provide the following information:

  • Name, address, phone number, student number
  • Area of research, name of Research Director
  • Details of the applicants involvement in the University community
  • A statement of financial need if applicable
  • Transcript of marks
  • Letter(s) of reference from one or more individuals familiar with the applicants academic performance and/or research

    Submit letter of application and supporting documents to:
    Attention to: Scholarhips and Awards 
    Enrolment Services
    172 St. George Street
    University of Toronto
    Toronto, ON  M5R 0A3

Deadline to Apply: 
July 31 (extended)
How/When is it paid?: 


Domestic Students
Actual Deadline Date: 
Tuesday, July 31, 2018